Who is Divine House Incorporated?

Divine House, Inc. is a company that has been providing services since 1985. At that time, as Waivered Services became a reality, people with physical and cognitive challenges were offered the dignity of living in their own home and supported with respect and dignity. Divine House, Inc. is proud to be a provider of Waivered Services and other support services thoughout Minnesota.

What services does Divine House, Inc. Provide?

Divine House, Inc. provides a wide array of services to meet the needs of our communities. We provide Adult Foster Care, Brain Injury assistance, Community Alternative Care, Community alternatives for Disabled Individuals, Child Foster Care, Children’s Therapeutic Social Services, Crisis Respite Services, Elderly Waiver services, Homemaker services, Independent Living Skills assistance, In-Home Family Support, Personal Care Assistance, Personal Care Assistance-Choice, Respite Services, Semi-Independent Living Skills assistance, Support Living Services and Supported Employment.

Are Divine House, Inc. homes handicapped accessible?

Some of our homes are handicapped accessible while some are not. Divine House, Inc. will try to accomodate the needs of the individuals that we serve, as needed and to ensure their safety and comfort.

Will transportation be provided?

Divine House, Inc. typically transports the people we serve to various appointments and on outings. Divine House, Inc. wants the individuals in our care to be involved with their families and the community, as appropriate, and have transported individuals to home visits, appointments, community events, sports events, on trips, and other miscellaneous places.


There are differnet types of waivers/funding sources that are used to help those with disabilties. Each waiver/funding source is different depending on the diagnosis and needs of the person receiving the services.

AFC- Adult Foster Care
BI – Brain Injury
CAC – Community Alternative Care
CADI – Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals
CTSS – Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports
DD – Developmentally Disabled
EW – Elderly Waiver
IlS – Independent Living Skills
IHFS – In-Home Family Support
PCA – Personal Care Assistance
SILS – Semi-Independent Living Skills
SLS – Supported Living Services

What kind of Respite Services does Divine House, Inc, provide?

In-Home respite, Out-of-home respite and Crisis respite services are all provided by Divine House, Inc.

In-Home respite is provided to individuals that continue to reside in their own home. Our staff are able to assist the individual in a varitey of different ways.

Out-Of-Home-Respite is provided to individuals that come to one of our homes for a short stay, and then return to their primary home (this is usually utilized on the weekends, however, every person’s needs are different.)

Crisis Respite is provided to those individuals that are in need of: assisting in managing behavior, transitioning to a different location, medication changes/adjustments, or various other needs.

How do I start services with Divine House, Inc.?

To inquire about services from Divine House, Inc., call (320) 231-2738 and ask for the Referrals Department. We will then discuss with you the basic information regarding the person you are referring. A form will be sent to the referring person to fill out and return. Upon receiving those documents, the referral will be reviewed by Divine House, Inc. to determine possible appropriate placement options.

Will the staff providing services always be the same?

Divine House, Inc. strives to maintain the same caring, qualified staff working with each individual. However, there are times a new staff or substitute staff may be implemented due to additional needs or changes in schedules.

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